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Winter 2017, somewhere around Bordeaux…
The team (Drone & Neil Dravaf) meets Mr Gasmask as he’s come to play on a party. The opportunity to chat about our lives, music, to make a video of his liveset and an interview.

Dune records : Could you tell us how and when you started making music
Mr Gasmask :  Well, I’ve started about twenty years ago.
Basically, I’m not a musician, see, I hardly can read a score !
I begun by making some noises (harsh techno), stuff like that…
Look, I tell you something : I was… about 19 maybe, and had just separated from my girl.
I was then quite depressed and I thought « Oh fuck, I gonna get a synthesizer ! »
And here it is, misery led me to making music – I needed to let my emotions come out.
It’s a real problem as now, I’m too happy ! And it’s not so easy then, you can’t force with the music.
In my daily life there are not the same strenght of emotions, inspiration has become different.
Maybe I should look for a drama or something… !

D.R. : How do you organize yourself between your personnal life, work and musical creation.
Mr G. :  It really isn’t easy… I’m 36, er, 37 now, and it’s getting harder.
I’m working for Gent city hall, you know, I’m a team-leader, I supervise a 20 persons working team in charge of a sort of call-center at the service of citizens. That means, a lot of emails, phone calls…

D.R. : Precisely, what place does music occupy in your life, in this life ?
Mr G. : Ah, that’s a big issue !
I used to make music by opposition to my regular life, to rise up against my life in the system, things I hated. It was rather aggressive. That’s what I needed to escape from all that pressure.
Now, I rather make music to relax. Because I became calmer and… at peace with myself.
It’s more pleasant.
Twice a week when I come back home, I go into my studio. I find it’s enough, it’s good.
Otherwise, I spend much time visiting friends, cooking… I love cooking !

D.R. : We discovered you as we (Drone and Acidupdub) were touring through Belgium and Netherlands in 2011 -Win told us about you-, it resulted in a release [Dune 05] two years later.
How were you positioned then ?
Mr G. : Well, in these times (2010-2012), I was producing a lot. On my own record label Binary Bassline and on other too. It was the time of Narcosis and Xlive (100 % live and 100 % acid) gigs.
It was a very creative time for me. I was then playing all around Belgium and was starting being invited further in Europe : Croatia, Poland, Prague…

D.R. : Do you have any plans, new projects for Mr Gasmask V.2017 ?
Mr G . : Yes, actually, I’d like to start blending musical styles into my compositions, always including, of course the acid bassline. But why not changing, evolving in this way. We’ll see !
I also feel like deeply exploring the potential of the TB-303. I mean, using the bassline differently, transforming, making evolving its sound in another way that as a simple melody…

A nice story… to be continued!

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