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Disco Arrakis – Dune Records
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Engendred by Dune in 2017, the label is dedicated to quality Acid music in all its inspirations and expressions.

>>DUNE / HS / Black Dune


Arrakis 00
J-REX & Eysia – Sevenum Six & Vikkei 909 Resistance Kan10 & Keja
Released: 04/2017

This EP introduces Dune’s sub-label Arrakis with a cutting edge selection of 4 tracks from the current European Acid scene.

A1: This is What you Want – J-Rex & Eysia
A2: Seppoku – Vikkei & Sevenum Six
B1: 3 Waves – 909Resistance
B2: L’Essence Alchimique – Kan10 & Keja



Arrakis 01
909 Resistance  /  J-REX, Mik izif
Released: 02/2018

A deep, dark yet dancefloor EP including two original tracks by 909 Resistance i.e Drone under an assumed new musical identity + two killing remixes by J-REX (young belgian Jacidorex) and Mik Izif, marking a first -long expected- collaboration between Dune records and the manager of Physical Records and founder of recent Music From Exo-Planet.

Tracks by 909 Resistance
A1: LM2 – original mix
A2: BBR5 – original mix
B1: LM2 (Mik Izif remix)
B2: LM2 (J-REX acid remix)


This Is What You Want – remixes ep
J-REX & Eysia – 909 Resistance AcidupdubKad
Released: 08/2017

Digital Ep including three remixes of the loud track “This Is What You Want” by Jacidorex and Eysia originally on [AS00].

1: This is What you Want – J-Rex & Eysia – 909 Resistance remix
2: This is What you Want – J-Rex & Eysia – Acidupdub remix
3 : This is What you Want – J-Rex & Eysia – Kad remix