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About - EN – Dune Records
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Created in 2007 by two DJs / producers from the Epsylonn-Otoktone Sound System, supported by a graphic designer, Dune Records first responded to the desire to self-produce and to broadcast its own music without constraints in a context of Standardization of the electronic music market and the free-party scene.

Creating and sharing the music that we love is experienced as an essential component of existence by artists Drone and Acidupdub who will give their everyday life to their passion without any hope of returning to a different balance. Music is naturally conceived as an unlimited space of freedom and expression, encouraging its production and defending it is just part of our mental survival, the safeguarding of our integrity whatever the context and the conjunctures!

“Facing with the hand-putting of commercial music on our cultural landscape, we undertook to set up our own underground label.
For what was yesterday is even more so today, namely:
Tendency to standardisation in techno music and sound systems. As if there was no longer place for the blossoming of a freed creativity […] By creating new records, we hope to spread a positive message, to show that sonic utopia is always possible and that the constraint of money will not prevent us from realizing our dreams. “(Manifesto 2008)

Like the Breton sound system Epsylonn which distinguishes itself from its beginnings by paying their honors to Acid Techno and funky oldschool sounds then profoundly buried under a muddy crust, trampled and forgotten at the whim of the gobage of kilos of powders and multicolor pills but darker and darker ; The Dune label spreads a new sound on the dancefloors.

Sort of brain and guts soup, Dune’s productions consciously snub labels and streams without denying its influences. Too bad / well done if a rhythmic base or a synth more dripping than another now allows them to fit in small boxes, that’s the game!
Various rich rhythms, each of which refers to our own fantasies of cosmic universes, dances and tribal rites of an old / future / parallel era.
You’ll almost always hear a TB-303 bassline, very often an extra jumble of modular oscillations, which invite you  to connect directly to your sensitive sensors and to be guided towards this drunkenness evocative of dematerialized voyages, surpassing the known limits of a space and A time that takes on the flavors of a twirling Infinity.
In this sense, always more fond of analog sounds, Dune has made itself a witness among others of this kind of incestuous Osmosis between Man and Machine, that is so well transmitted from creation to listening.

The first opus is released at the beginning of 2008: DUNE 00. Nine other productions including a Hors-Série (DUNE HS3223) will follow, spread unevenly and according to many adventures over the next 8 years.
At the end of 2015, the label is take over by Drone in order to counter abusive resale prices on the 10 old references -which were then quickly sold on the internet-, thus making the label its original function: to produce and disseminate, accessible to everyone and not reserved for an elite, its “coups de cœur”.

2016-2017 : birth of two sub-labels.
A new adventure starts for the members of Dune Records, led by the same eternal guidind principle : stand out from the mainstream musical world by producing passionate, free and sincere artists.
ARRAKIS, dedicated to the large current Acid music scene.
ECHOES, where Dune records claims its love to Techno with a capital T in all its richness and diversity. Still dark universes, sensitive creators for receiptive creatures.
DTE section delivering deep, rough, broken techno.
DAE section, ambient/indus/expe oriented.
Originally, a desire as well as a necessity to evolve ; an insatiable thrist of discovery and the need to share these pearls from all over. Inter-species, inter-ethnic sound, resonating from all corners of without physical or psychical limits.