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Dissolvement – Dune Records
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Dissolvement (NL .Duracell)

Dissolvement is a DJ, producer from Rotterdam. His sound is a typical NL product, influenced by his dark and industrial background. Member of Duracell, he organizes parties in his beloved city and regularly plays in Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Released on Duracell, Winprod, Teknosucks, Social Disturbance, Symbiote Records and Dune.

Dissolvement aka Wilko est un DJ et producer originaire de Rotterdam. Sa musique, typiquement orientée acid NL coïncide avec son univers quotidien, sombre et industriel. Membre de Duracell, il organise des soirées et joue régulièrement aux Pays-Bas, en Belgique et en France.
On retrouve ses compositions sur les labels Duracel, Winprod, Teknowucks, Social Disturbance, Symbiote Records et Dune.